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Collage 2015. The tree of life, in the garden of Eden perhaps – or less religiously – the force that flows within all of us. And in its center, the mystery of the mind, the consciousness and our origin.


Collage 2013. Whenever I’ve had a break in creating images I’m always astonished by how easy it is to create the first ones. The creative force seems to build up within the mind, waiting for it’s release.


The things I've seen today 1

Collage, 2012. Homage to Madeleine Peyroux.


Alice in I wonder land

Collage, 2012. Uncertainity.


Imaginary places where I dont want to go

Collage, 2012.


Pixels 1

Collages, 2012. Creating something with pixel- or mosaic-pieces. Not sure about the purpose, just testing.



This video was made in 2006 as a draft for a thesis project, later called One Thousand and One Dreams, and reflecting upon Jung’s famous archetypes. The quality of the movie is pretty bad due to youtube’s compression and the 3d modelling was not particularly good even at that time, but the message seems to intrique people provoking the result I aimed for, which was reflection.

One room still


The project carried on and evolved into an interactive animated Flash video – a “still” video so to say, because you will only see a room, but the room will change depending on how you pull the slider back and forth. In reality the piece is exploring the typical anima/animus archetypes and the balance inbetween in a fruitful relationship or inside a healthy person that have incorporated both “male” and “female” traits in his/her personality. The film is pretty heavy, so you might have to wait a little for it to load, and well, the modelling is not very impressive, but my focus was to play with representations (a thought inspired by Magritte) of objects and symbols rather than create a photo realistic render of the world.

Click to play interactive movie One room.

One Thousand And One Dreams intro page

One thousand and one dreams screenshots


The final stage was evolvement of a web page where the final art work was exposed (not available anymore). The artwork was called One Thousand And One Dreams inspired by One Thousand And One Nights by reasons explained in the report.

The art work consisted of a page where the viewer of the art work was told to make associations to particular words, along the lines of Jung’s own’s ideas of that particular “complexes” would reaveal themselves through word associations.

The data was analysed, and based upon the result, a “dream-loop”, or animation, was compiled (from a range of different video clips). The video clips are complementary on the “complexes” revealed, along the lines of Jung’s ideas of what dreams were “for”. So it is meant to be a personalized “dream” for the viewer based upon his/her psyche.

The written report can be downloaded here, you might be the first that reads it. ;)

And an example video (with so-so quality) of a loop compiled by four random of the totally 32 clips can be seen below.


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