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Collage 2015. A conceptual portrait of Jonas.


Collage 2015. Our attitude is what we offer to those who we wish to get close to, as well as those who we reject. The attitude which emanates from our thoughts, hopes, dreams.


Collage and acrylic paint 2015. This image was created “on demand” to decorate our surf shack. :)


Collage 2015. The tree of life, in the garden of Eden perhaps – or less religiously – the force that flows within all of us. And in its center, the mystery of the mind, the consciousness and our origin.


Collage 2015. El Dolor is about a tragedy, and how we can carry that tragedy like a train of a dress or a crown that enhances our beauty. The frame is hand made by my grandfather, and with its thorn-like qualities it seemed to fit this image.


Collage 2013. Whenever I’ve had a break in creating images I’m always astonished by how easy it is to create the first ones. The creative force seems to build up within the mind, waiting for it’s release.


Lip sync

Collage, 2013.


The things I've seen today 1

Collage, 2012. Homage to Madeleine Peyroux.


Alice in I wonder land

Collage, 2012. Uncertainity.


The way out

Collage, 2012. About death. My grandfather passed away in 2012. Life is a garden of treasures, and noone knows what is waiting behind that sky coloured wooden door.


Peaceful place

Collage, 2012. How this place is peaceful I don’t exactly know. :)


Imaginary places where I dont want to go

Collage, 2012.


Pixels 1

Collages, 2012. Creating something with pixel- or mosaic-pieces. Not sure about the purpose, just testing.


Moving on

Collage 2012.



Collage, 2012.


Sunfeather woman

Collage 2012.



Collage 2012.



Collage. One of my first collages from 2007. The normal procedure in creating these collages or images is some sort of half conscious mode. I rarely consciously know where I am going when starting up a project, but following the breadcrumbs trail laid out by another, rather unconscious part of myself. The unconscious tells it’s story, as in dream, mostly in a rather congenial way, so that symbols used usually turns up over and over again, just as themes. Eventually they become conscious, perhaps losing something of their magnetic appeal.

The behorned woman have reoccured in my images for years, but I have yet not figured out her meaning.

It may sound like a fishy way of working, but considering that modern science leans more and more towards that most of our decisions are not conscious but rather “scripts” that are carried out or based upon unconscious determination methods, maybe one of our conscious goal should be to get to know the unconscious of ourselves to understand where we are really going. And not be so worried about letting go of the steering wheel.

For those who are interested in the intuitive vs the conscious reasoning, there are much more to read, such as: Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow, Märk världen by Tor Nörretranders, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, The Decisive Moment by Jonah Lehrer and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, for example.


The man with an elephant dress

Mixed media. Exhibited (and sold) in 2008.



Mixed media. Pondering upon civilization. Exhibited (and sold) in 2008.


Planet earth

Mixed media. Exhibited (and sold) in 2008.


Mother Earth Father Sky

Mixed media. Symbolism retrieved from my dreams and the culture. Exhibited (and sold) in 2008.


The goat that goes on the moon

Mixed media. Exhibited (and sold) in 2008.


Jane collage

Photo + photoshop. An early attempt with collage in the spirit of cubism. Exhibited in Trollhättan at Folkets hus in 2006.


Josh collage

Photo + photoshop. An early attempt with collage in the spirit of cubism. Exhibited in Trollhättan at Folkets hus in 2006.


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